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Admission Requirements

СНПЧ А7 Курск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Applicants will be admitted according to the standard policy of the Kenya Ministry of Higher Education Sciences and Technology and the Kenya Commission for Higher Education which accept students with the following minimum qualifications:

Undergraduate programmes:

Degree Programme C+ or equivalent in secondary school

Diploma Programme C or equivalent in secondary school

Certificate Programme D+ or equivalent in secondary school

Postgraduate programmes:

Masters degree

  • Relevant undergraduate degree with upper second class honours
  • Students who do not initially qualify for the admittance to Higher Education Institutions may be offered opportunities for acceptance to the college upon meeting the necessary requirements. To do this a student may attend a pre-university year or do bridging courses to reach the required standards.
  • Foreign students must meet the university entrance requirements of their country of origin.
  • Various programmes on offer in the college have their own specific entry requirements in addition to those mentioned above.
  • The language of instruction and assessment in Tangaza College is English. Courses will be taught and assessed in English. Students will be required to demonstrate a high English-language proficiency level as demanded by the courses of study. If a student does not demonstrate the required English proficiency level after commencement of studies, she/he will be required to take special classes in English to facilitate continuation of studies at Tangaza College.

Some entry requirements are specific to particular institutes: