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Tangaza College encourages students to get together in clubs and associations to promote their interests, service of society and personal growth. All clubs are directed by the TANSA Executive under the supervision of the DPSL. Although the clubs function independently, they inform the TANSA Executive of their programmes and activities.

A student is welcome in any of the different clubs at Tangaza College. Such participation offers the possibility to the student of fostering his/her own talents in various fields, thus enhancing the life of the college.

  1. The Justice and Peace Commission fosters within the college the awareness of justice and peace issues that are integral to evangelization.
  2. The College Choir has as its main purpose the animation of the official Tangaza liturgies in co-ordination with the administration
  3. Members of the Charismatic Community meet weekly to share their faith life in a meaningful prayer gathering.
  4. The Pro-Life Club commits itself to safeguarding human life in all its stages, and to educating others to the sanctity of human life
  5. The French club’s main interest is the promotion of the French Language in the college, by teaching it to its members and other interested persons.
  6. The Tangaza Band is open to gifted musicians able to play any musical instruments as well as those endowed with good singing voices. Its main purpose is to entertain the Tangaza community during major Tangaza events and to animate and support such and other events in the college
  7. An Ecological Awareness and Responsibility Club is in its nascent stage. New members are invited to join in this worthy cause of keeping the college community awake to environment, even outside the college.