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Tangaza College Rewarded and Recognized By KENET

СНПЧ А7 Курск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Tangaza College has been rewarded and recognized by KENET (The Kenya Education Network Trust)in two major and very important Academic categories.
3rd(Third)Highest institution in terms of PCs(computers) Per 100 (hundred) students Ratio for the year 2012.Below is the Certificate of recognition for the 3rd place.

2nd (second)Highest Institution in terms of percentage of registered students with Laptops for the year 2012.Below is the Certificate of recognition for the 2nd place.

The Kenya Education Network currently provides Internet bandwidth to 59 member institutions and 73 campuses, including all of the large research universities of Kenya.
Apart from connectivity and bandwidth services, KENET provides network training services, network applications services (web hosting, e-mail, disaster recovery, and top-level domain registration) and consultancy services (e.g. preparation of bidding documents and evaluation, designing and specifying technology solutions for members, and training and awareness services) to member institutions.

Kenya Education Network (KENET) is a National Research and Education Network that promotes the use of ICT in Teaching, Learning and Research in Higher Education Institutions in Kenya. KENET aims to interconnect all the Universities, Tertiary and Research Institutions in Kenya by setting up a cost effective and sustainable private network with high speed access to the global Internet. KENET also facilitates electronic communication among students and faculties in member institutions, share learning and teaching resources by collaboration in Research and Development of Educational content.